Who Are We?

Wells Industries: (noun) a US fabrication and finishing company located in El Paso, TX, of metal furnishings and components. Primarily servicing the hotel, resort, residential and design markets. Origin: Texas 1994.

Are we a Manufacturer or a Service Industry Company?
  • Manufacturers make things (def: the production of products for use or sale using labor and machines, tools, chemical or biological… blah, blah. Close, but we’re so much more!)
  • Service Industry serves a customer (def: a business that does work for a customer, and occasionally provides goods, but is not involved in manufacturing…Whoa, stop there. Not quite right either!)
So which are we?

Wells doesn’t manufacture a product and then try and sell it. (Although we do provide an ever-expanding array of Brand Program items and do it pretty darn well) We determine what YOU the customer wants and THEN we manufacture your request. Wells has been providing this “manufacturing service” since 1994. We made what others either could not or would not make.Starting with lots of ideas, a few ‘can do’ people and lots of hard work and long days to build who we are today.Twenty-five plus years, twenty thousand plus projects, and over a million plus frames later, we have seen a thing or two.

Our Primary focus has always been metal, (Wells’ have been working metals since 1890. Not a typo!) but you will see from our website that Wells is much, much more. As designs and customer needs change, so too has Wells changed and evolved. Manual hand tools have been augmented by CNC cutting, bending, and rolling machines. Ecologically clean processes now trump economically driven processes. Our families and friends drink the same water and breathe the same air you do, on this ever-shrinking planet.

Scrolling through our site will give you a look into our past and present, along with some of our capabilities. The images are just a few snapshots of our long and exciting journey, and a glimpse into the future that is still unfolding before us.

We look forward to tomorrow and we are at your manufacturing service.

El Paso Strong Texas Proud Made in America